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Playful. Practical. Imperfect. 

Hi :)

My name’s Jo😊. It’s frikking fabulous to have you here! I’m on a mission to become the healthiest happiest most whole human being I can be. I use Yoga and other empowering practices to reprogram my mind, recondition my body and reconnect with what matters. My aim is to share everything I learn along the journey with you, by making this site a one-stop-inspiration-station for uplifting content to get you moving, breathing, and believing!

Here we take the pretence out of the practice by showing people that falling over is as important as holding a pose and that Yoga is about practice, not perfection! Let's work towards getting to know ourselves better, learning to love our wobbly bits, and challenging ourselves to see that we are far more capable than we think!

It's all about finding joy in the journey!

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Things I offer

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Join a group of kindred souls for a 60-minute journey of breathing, moving, and meditating to calm our busy minds and rejuvenate our tired bodies. Classes are suitable for everyone, from absolute beginners to the pretzel people😊.

Thursday evenings @ 17h30

Sunday mornings @ 09h00

If you feel you would benefit from my individual and undivided attention, then it would be my honour to custom design classes that are perfectly suited to your needs and desired outcomes. Private classes are recommended if you have special needs or certain medical conditions. 

In kids' yoga classes, we learn how to play! My aim is for kids to learn how to use their bodies and minds to feel happier, calmer, kinder, and more confident. These hour-long classes are open to kids of all ages. We use breathwork, poses, meditation, visualizations, affirmations, song and dance and relaxation time to create good habits and a healthy frame of mind.

Saturday mornings @ 10h00


 Group Class Schedule

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Find us

Studio Address:

72 Springbok Road 


Johannesburg South


The studio is located on a a plot in Rispark, Johannesburg South. It's cosy, private, and quiet, with lots of safe parking and no specactors:). It's across the road from Cross-over Remedial School and a 5-minute drive from Waterstone College and Mall of the South. 

What people    say

"I feel really great this morning! Your sessions have helped me in so many ways, I can't even tell you. Thank you so much Jo."

—  Elaine A

I am learning every day 

to allow the space between 

where I am 

and where I want to be 

to inspire me 

and not terrify me." 

— Tracee Ellis Ross 

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