Something about Jo  :)

Hi. My name's Jo.  I live on a farm in the city with my family, including my driven (but cuddly af) husband, my loving (but crazy) mom, my gorgeous (but  full of mischief) son and a variety of farm and domestic animals (also all nutcases). These beings are my reason for being. They are my partners in crime and creativity. They are my support group, my army, my loving arms, my shoulder to cry on and the fire under my butt when I need it.  


I love eggs (despite dreaming of being vegan), I drink wine (by the jug🙂), I do handstands in the swimming pool (because it's the only place that I can hold one for any length of time) and I have a massive aversion to shoes. In my personal practice, I dance more than I chaturanga and I chant while I mow the lawn. I love teaching, eating and growing things. I love yoga because it's given me the courage to "own my shit", and the tools to do something about it. I dream of being the spark for others that I needed when I was hopelessly lost.  



To laugh at yourself,

is to love yourself.

- Mickey Mouse

Our Studio

The studio is on a quiet urban farm in Rispark, Johannesburg South. It's cosy, private and well-stocked, with lots of safe parking. 


With a maximum of 8 yogi's per class, the environment is relaxed and more conducive to learning; while also affording each student more individualized guidance to see progress in their personal journey. 


My aim through the YogaHappy studio is to remove as many barriers to learning as possible by creating a safe space for people of all shapes, sizes, colours, religions, sexual orientations, ages, drinking habits, eating preferences or toe-touching abilities to get curious about themselves. I aim to create a space where people can put their armour down, shake their hair loose and learn to laugh at themselves. But don't get the wrong impression, because we work as hard as we play!